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For decades, we have been a leading supplier in Australia and New Zealand for a vast assortment of high quality indoor and outdoor plastic and stainless steel bins. We sell outdoor ashtrays, indoor rubbish bins, outdoor rubbish bins, indoor recycling bins, and outdoor recycling bins.  We have waste management solutions for every business, every budget, and every application.


Indoor and Outdoor Rubbish Bins

We sell a wide range of indoor and outdoor rubbish bins that vary in shape, colour, and capacity.  We have indoor and outdoor stainless steel rubbish bins. Heavy-duty plastic outdoor rubbish bins are also available that are made using eco-friendly plastics.

For the office, lobby, entranceways, or boardroom, we recommend our indoor stainless steel rubbish bins with brushed, polished, patterned, or mirror finishes.  These compact bins are attractive and stylish and come complete with inner liners for easy disposal.

Our large capacity outdoor rubbish bins are created using durable recycled polyethylene (plastic). They are designed to withstand the harshest environments.  These heavy-duty rubbish bins are perfect for high-traffic areas and will not rust, dent, or chip.  Our all-in-one outdoor ash and trash bins are designed with a built-in ashtray in the top of the dome-lid and are extremely durable.


Outdoor Ashtrays

The unique design quality of Eco Elegance’ outdoor ashtrays helps keep cigarette litter to a minimum and prevents smoke from infiltrating your non-smoking areas.  Four types of outdoor ashtrays to suit your business’ needs and function include: windproof ashtrays, freestanding post ashtrays, wall mounted ashtrays, and all-in-one ashtray trash bins.

Our freestanding and wall mounted outdoor ashtrays are practical and attractive making them ideal for entrances and common smoking areas.  They are easily anchored and can be secured to the ground, building wall, or any other flat surface.  Also, the weather tight inner tube compartments in our outdoor ashtrays extinguish cigarette butts completely. They keep cigarette waste dry, out of sight, and help to make for a cleaner and hassle-free disposal process.

Windproof outdoor ashtrays are the ideal solution for patios and public areas.  Stop cigarette ashes from blowing in the wind. Reduce odours and keep unsightly cigarette butts from view.  Constructed from high-quality melamine plastic, heat resistant and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


Indoor and Outdoor Recycling Bins

Eco Elegance recycling bins are available in a variety of designs and sizes for indoor and outdoor use.  Our indoor recycling bins are practical and attractive. They are a great solution for recycling initiatives in offices, schools, retail buildings, and other indoor facilities.  Our durable and heavy-duty outdoor recycling bins are ideal for use in high traffic outdoor locations such as malls, parks, streets, and shopping areas.  We proudly sell upscale indoor and outdoor recycling bins that are eco-friendly (made from 100% pure recycled plastic panels).  In addition, our recycling bins come with decals to clearly identify the bins.

Whether it’s an office recycling bin, a high-capacity recycling bin, or a heavy-duty outdoor recycling bin that you need, we are confident that we will have the right unit for you!  We can also help you create a complete recycling system by connecting two or more recyclers.  Start your company’s recycling initiative today with our help!

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